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We believe in the power of education to help end poverty, and work to ensure that children in rural Uganda have the best opportunity to learn. We focus on giving often vulnerable children the right infrastructure, resources, quality teaching and parental support to help them get the most from their time at school and go on to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.


We know that to make sustainable changes we need to address the unique needs of each community we help. That's why we pool your donation with other supporters' to make your money go further, funding projects that can make a real difference in rural Africa.


The cost to sponsor a child through school per month is £50 however this cost can be split between friends or family.


  • By donating £50 per month, this is enough to support the child through the school year and provide school equipment, breakfast and lunch every day and clean drinking water.

  • By donating £30 per month we will also be able to provide extra care for their extended family in terms of housing equipment, sheets, seeds to help them grow crops, relevant home repairs and basic medical treatments.

  • If you ever wish to donate more for any reason during any month we can buy a gift of your choosing for your sponsored child or family, help with community projects, and buy animals for the community or anything else you decide by sending us an email.

  • If sponsoring a child is too much of a commitment you can send a one-off donation to the charity or a smaller monthly donation using the donate button.


As a sponsor you will receive correspondence from your child here in Uganda. He or she will personally write letters to you and when you write back we will hand deliver these to the designated child. Change Tomorrow will send you pictures and updates along with a yearly school report and any other vital information.

On top of this any sponsor is always welcome to come over for a visit to the school. They will be met by a member of our team at the airport and brought to the local village. We can help with showing you around the area, introducing you to the child and their family, help with accommodation and anything else you feel is necessary to make your visit as productive and pleasurable as possible.

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