Change Tomorrow was founded and is owned by Jonny Aird from Scotland and Dana Mateju from Czech Republic who now live in Uganda. We were both living in Glasgow working long hours in our jobs with no time to enjoy life. After much consideration we decided to sell everything pack our things and volunteer around Uganda for 3 months. We volunteered in orphanages, schools, hospitals and spent some time in urban slums.

After working with different charities both rural and urban we witnessed a recurring problem we could not ignore. Schools here are businesses and they exploit this population. They charge unattainable fees, provide unqualified teachers, provide no school materials, no concrete structures, no food and water, no protection, dirty classrooms, no electricity and so on. Where the average salary is £30 per month and most are unemployed these primary schools can charge as much as £100 per 3 month term. This results in an enormous amount of children who are unable to attend school and are found wandering the streets and villages in search of food.

Towards the end of our 3 month journey we agreed that this country and these children will be our future. We started to run a sponsorship program and are now opening a primary school in the rural area of Lusanja, Mityana where all our children will attend under this program. Not only will we provide top quality education with qualified teachers we will also provide a clean concrete structure, electricity, a stable diet for their breakfast and lunch, clean water, school materials, protection, agriculture and a playing field for their sports and activities.

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