Change Tomorrow was founded in 2017 by Jonathan Aird and Dana Mateju. We are a fully registered charity in Scotland and an internationally registered NGO in Uganda. We work tirelessly to make sure that 100% of your donations make it to our projects on the ground.

Change Tomorrow owns 4 acres of land in a small rural village called Lusanja in Mityana, Uganda. We are building our projects to include our nursery, primary school, boarding facilities, vocational training centre, women empowerment centre and farm with the end goal being that every project will be self-sustaining.

We work hard to make a positive difference in the life of every child attending our school, every adult attending our programs and every family in the wider community. Before Change Tomorrow these children and the community were facing a life of poverty and hardship however, through sponsorships, education and training we offer the chance of a successful and exciting future.



The work that Jonny and Dana are doing with Change Tomorrow is really making a difference in the community and it was a privilege to volunteer with them and be part of ‘changing the future of many’

Jessie & Angela Johnston

Our lives are forever  changed and we are so grateful CHANGE TOMORROW . I think every single person should experience  a charity like them and volunteer. They give  100% to the charity  and you should consider donating for sure ! it is a pleasure to be part of their team!