There are many ways you can be involved with us! You can sponsor a child, fundraise,
partner your business, volunteer at an event or come to Uganda.

Empowers ugandan children, women and families to escape poverty through community-based self-help programs that improve health, expand education and create businesses.

100% of funds, except for bank charges, will be allocated to the specific project.

Thank you for helping us build classrooms, dormitories, toilets, sport facilities and offices.

Our staff and teachers are life-changers. They not only teach, but provide stability, care, discipline, hope, and love to over 320 children. 

As a charity we prepare over 700 meals per day. and deliver food packages to those in need. We want to thank you for helping us achieve this amazing goal.

Thank you for helping to support the Aird family living and working in Uganda.

If you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by 25%, because the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift – at no extra cost to you.


Our vision and mission for volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to share your enthusiasm, skills and ideas whilst having fun and meeting like-minded people. By volunteering for Change Tomorrow you will be making a positive contribution to community development in our area and massive difference in lives of children from our school. Volunteers are vital to our work. We welcome any volunteers over the age of 18.

Role Description
 We offer a unique volunteer experience and tailor a program to suit specific skills, talents
and interests. Activities will be chosen after your agreement, in accordance with your wishes, health conditions and abilities. We have a weekly activities schedule, which can be used as a guideline for your weekly planning, however, our approach is very person centred and we do respect everyone`s wishes and preferences. With our charity, we understand it is not all work and no play, and we encourage you to treat your time with us as both a volunteering trip but also as a life experience. You will have your own free time if you want it and there is so much to do and see.