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This is Kato Davis 



Kato is the name given to the younger of male twins. Unfortunately, just 1 month ago Kato’s older twin brother was knocked down just outside the school by a speeding motorcyclist and passed away instantly. His father is a boda boda driver (motorbike taxi) which is how he supports the family. His mother has just given birth again and thanks to the support of his sponsor they are able to provide everything needed for this new baby from hospital visits to food.   

This is Pretty


She is in baby class at school and is 4 years old. Pretty lives with her Grandparents as her mother and father are not around. Her grandparents are at an age when they should be able to have time for themselves however they work tirelessly in the fields every day to  pay school fees and take care of pretty. Thanks to her sponsor we have been able to take some of the financial pressure away from her grandparents so they can reduce their work load. 


This is Harriet


Harriet is 11 years old and has 1 brothers and 2 sisters. Harriet has both her father and mother however the family is clearly struggling. There are 5 people all sleeping in a single room mudhut where the conditions are harsh. Both the mother and father try daily to find work diggin in the fields of the surrounding area however work is not consistent. Thanks to her sponsor we have managed to take some pressure away from her parents and their daily struggle as well as giving her youngest sister a better chance at receiving and education when she is of age.

This is Ester


She is 5 years old and when we first visited her family she wasn't attending school due to lack of funds. Esther has 4 brothers and 2 sisters 3 of which are attending school. Her father is farming coffee and beans along with a few animals to try and raise enough income for the family. We are pleased to announce that due to her sponsor she can now attend school and receive the education she deserves. She will soon have her uniform and school shoes as well as all her books all thanks to this program.


This is Cyrus


He is only 4 years old. Cyrus attends our baby class which is equivalent to nursery. Cyrus has both parents at home who trade in sugar cane and maize to make a little extra income to pay for food and school fees. Cyrus has 2 other siblings however his uncle has just passed away leaving 3 more children at the house for this family to care for. This means the father to Cyrus has 3 of his own children and 3 nieces and nephews to look after. It is for this reason we were so happy to find some extra help so all these children can keep attending school. The death in the family has created a huge financial burden on his father and thanks to the sponsorship program we are able to offer some stability to these children again.

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